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WordPress Software Solution

We specialize in working with the WordPress CMS (Content Management Solution) system for clients that want an easy, yet robust website publishing and management system. For an overview on CMS solutions, Wikipedia has a great writeup we recommend reading.

Below we are presenting readers with a deeper understanding of how a CMS powered website is good for your business or organization. What we will attempt to describe are concrete benefits you should look for in a CMS platform and how these benefits can affect your organization or business with efficiencies and other cost savings.

A CMS platform enables your website to be managed by multiple parties who have access to an administration interface via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Each segmented area of your website can really be managed by a separate person for real decentralization of this site management process.

Different sections of your website can be published and edited independent of the other areas of the site. This means you can assign management controls to different stakeholders without giving access to the entire site. This is an important step in keeping content secure and protected.

With a CMS templating system and CSS controls, the design of a site can be controlled through just a few files rather than changing pages one at a time. Having this type of ability enables you to make just a few broad changes that can impact the entire site automatically. Functions can be enabled and disabled without impacting design elements. And finally, web copy can be edited or deleted independent of the elements that relate to the look and feel of the site.

When we design or redesign a web site, we prefer that it be installed on a CMS platform like WordPress for more typical situations. If you are looking for a more sophisticated environment, or eCommerce then we would recommend the Adrecom system.

Here are some critical advantages that are sure to impact your bottom line:

  • Decentralized control of the site.
  • Edit the site from anywhere with a web browser.
  • Non-technical staff can publish with ease.
  • If you can use MS Word, you can add content to the site and even stylize it.
  • Configure access for different users with different authoring and access privileges.
  • Content from multiple authors can look consistent with the brand of the site.
  • Navigation can be easily modified including drop down navigation menus and sub-menus.
  • Content is stored in a database and content can be imported from Excel type documents too.
  • Content can be reused throughout the site and formatted for different experiences like mobile or tablet.
  • Applications can be activated like message boards, articles, industry news and event registration.
  • Content can be time-shifted to appear at predetermined dates and times

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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